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The Bears will miss two starting offensive linemen and wideout Darnell Mooney. Allen Robinson has been given some extra rest due to his hamstring injury but expect him to play and be effective. Defensively, Roquan Smith is out after an elbow dislocation last week while corner Jaylon Johnson is trying to return with a shoulder issue. Football fans expecting to hear Al Michaels call the Buccaneers-Washington game on wild-card weekend will instead spend another night with Mike Tirico. Six total games across all four of the league’s major networks will occur this weekend.

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Nickelodeon will also air a unique simulcast of the Bears-Saints game on Sunday, January 10. The NFL accomplished the seemingly impossible and played all 256 of its regular-season games. Both Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley are active for the team’s wild-card game against the Indianapolis Colts at Bills Stadium. "Rivers’ shortcomings as a passer and a mover should allow the Bills’ defense to play a key role in allowing Buffalo to advance to the divisional round," writes Vic Carucci. Diggs is the first player in Bills history to lead the NFL in receptions and receiving yards .

The Bills learned from it, and Philip River’s heave for T. If Saturday’s game were a precursor, this game will be closer than we think.

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Although the Browns won Week 17’s matchup between the teams 24-22, the Steelers rested quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Pittsburgh smacked the Browns 38-7 earlier in the regular season.

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Quarterback Josh Allen arguably is the hottest player in the NFL entering the playoffs. Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor isn’t too far behind. The app has a mode of the week and a selection of available games available; an in-app purchase unlocks all game modes and removes advertising.

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I believe the Bears, while very good defensively, will struggle to move the ball against a good Saints defense. Drew Brees has only a few games remaining in his career and ending strong, probably on the conservative end, will be enough to beat the Bears and Mitchell Trubisky. Cleveland Browns Shooting Games quarterback Baker Mayfield has a lot to prove in tonight’s playoff tilt against the Steelers. But Bill Burt says Steelers a tad better and less drama (no COVID-19 issues). During the nightcap, Pittsburgh hosts AFC North rival Cleveland.

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