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I travelled to and from Serbia a month ago based on your information and had a great time. I’m now keeping an eye on this every few days to see what’s next.

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I check my airline tickets to make sure, but am unsure if there will be changes there as we have a connection in UK before we land in Athens. August 2, 2020 Anonymous American Reply Kashlee, you’re really the best for maintaining this website. I nearly gave up in June with the amount of research I had to do to find answers to these questions myself… and then I stumbled upon this website.

Household Inventory

My husband and I booked our anniversary trip back in February for July, and it has now been pushed out to the end of September. I would really like to be able to go – but understand too if things are still not feasible.

I have already scheduled our trip twice so I would WatchESPN download like this to be the last time I schedule it. Reply Judging by looking at various vlogs, I would be very surprised if Thailand opens up this year.

  • Find items on a list in a glance by looking at the type icons.
  • But it may come in handy in other less destructive situations, too.
  • All items and locations have beautiful icons identifying what type of thing they are.
  • Keep everyone up-to-date with automatic data syncing across multiple computers using MobileMe or a free DropBox account.
  • That way, everyone in the family can find out where items are.
  • During a move, or a displacing renovation, a home inventory can provide a much needed sense of order.

Although they depend deeply on tourism the Thai people want everything to be safe and prefer to keep the borders closed for now. August 19, 2020 Roy Torres Reply Kashlee, I’m glad to see Armenia reopen for people coming the U.S; however I had my 3 segments of my flights from JFK to Georgia and Armenia cancelled just about 2 weeks ago. This was a rebooked flight which was originally booked on Ukrainian Airlines who cancelled this trip 3 months ago. Maybe my difficulties were with Georgia portion or the EU restrictions despite the fact that Poland was allowing people from the U.S. to transfer. August 3, 2020 Michele V Reply Hi Kashlee, I know it is still almost a couple months out, but do you have any idea if Greece will be open to US tourists?

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